The Anthrologia network functions include

Membership and interaction for academics, academic institutions, and cultural developers

Promotion of academic, research, and cultural pursuits of individuals and groups globally

Networking of research and cultural producers globally

Mobility and exchange of academic and cultural commodities through online textual modes

Inter-regional (ASEAN / EU / AFRICAN / AMERICAN) development and collaboration in academic and cultural sectors

Channels for distribution of academic pedagogies, such as methodologies, publications, media, dialogue, and other texts

The Anthrologia Network connects academics with other academics, with larger academia, with larger social networks, with the cultural sector, and with major publications. The network facilitates the promulgation of information of those academics and cultural producers in the Humanities, Social sciences, Arts, Cultural studies, Political sciences, Architecture, and so forth, as well as interdisciplinarity.

Anthrologia provides opportunities to locate, select and network all academics in a multifarious range of fields globally, as well as to develop groups within which members collaborate to expand research and cultural projects.