Ain Nadzimah Abdullah

Languages other than English have been placed in jeopardy. Bahasa Malaysia (BM), the national language of Malaysia presents no exception to this pattern of rapid language shift. One area of interest that has received insufficient attention in heritage language studies is language maintenance. Language maintenance situates itself among factors such as language ideology and use, and language policy, often captured in stature and curricular design. This study seeks to achieve a better understanding of relationships among factors identified to impact on language maintenance and use. In this context, the studyRead More
Associate Professor Dr. Ain Nadzimah Abdullah Deputy Dean Department of English language Faculty of Modern Language and communication Universiti Putra Malaysia Associate Professor Dr. Ain Nadzimah Abdullah began her academic career as a language teacher with MARA in 1986, prior to joining Universiti Putra Malaysia as a language instructor in 1991. Today, as an Associate Professor, she holds the position of Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Studies And International Affairs at The Faculty Of Modern Language And Communication, UPM. She has authored and co-authored 50 journal articles, 14 books, 26 chapters,Read More