Christopher S. Collins

Chris Collins

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Developed and developing world higher education: B

There is an ongoing tension between the ability to provide mass higher education and overall quality.  Higher education will be forced to adapt to new societal needs in both wealthy and emerging economies.  The will of the public and the ability for the public to find a voice through governments will play a role in determining the way in which higher education is deemed to be a social or an individual benefit.  If it is perceived as an individual benefit, the burden of cost will fall on individuals.  If itRead More
Chris Collins

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Developed and developing world higher education

Global wealth is concentrated less and less in factories, land, tools, and machinery. The knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of people are increasingly critical to the world economy. Human capital in the United States is now estimated to be at least three times more important than physical capital. The developed world is reacting quickly, with education a major political priority. High quality human capital is developed in high quality education systems, with tertiary education providing the advanced skills that command a premium in today’s workplace. Most developed countries have seen aRead More
Chris Collins
The Asia-Pacific region is characterized by a diversity of economic, social and political systems, cultural traditions and values, languages and aspirations. This diversity is reflected in the structure and organization of higher education across the region and national approaches to quality assurance. Such diversity provides a basis for economies in the region to establish agreed frameworks that harmonize situated approaches. The APHER research project has aimed to expand knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region with reference to learning domains and degree qualifications. In addition to synthesizing existing sources of disparate information about the region, the research wasRead More
Chris Collins
Dr. Christopher S. Collins, Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University, earned a Ph.D., with the “Best Dissertation Award,” from the Higher Education and Organizational Change program at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA, in 2009. His research interests include the role of higher education related to poverty reduction, knowledge extension, public good, and social rates of return. He has completed projects with the Association for Public Land-Grant Universities (APLU), observing African-U.S. university partnerships and with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) investigating degreeRead More