Danny Wong Tze Ken

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Malaysia, China, and the Asia-Pacific Region in the Twenty-First Century  29-30 October, 2014 Auditorium, High Impact Research (HIR) Building University of Malaya, Kuala lumpur In 2014, Malaysia and China celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties, established in 1974 when the then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak visited Beijing. Since then, the relationship between the two countries has progressed tremendously. This is especially so in the area of trade, investment, cultural and educational exchange. Malaysia-China relations take place within the overall context of the regionalism of ASEAN as well as the dynamic Asia-Pacific region political economyRead More
Sustaining the Hakka identity  Prof Danny Wong (PI) Lee Kam Hing Dr Ong Siew Kean Dr Fan Pik Shy Dr Fan Pick Wah Dr Ding Siong Lin Dr Wang Xiao Mei The Hakkas played major roles in the early history of Malaya. Hakka pioneered the tin-mining industry in Kuala Lumpur and the Kinta Valley.  Their involvement in the secret society conflict and Malay civil wars created conditions in the Malay states that led to British intervention in 1874. The study traces the early movement and settlement of Hakkas in Malaysia, thusRead More
Abode of Dead, Depository of Knowledge and Contested Realm: A Study of Chinese Cemeteries in Malaysia Dr Lee Kam Heng Dr Lee Tek Soon Dr Danny Wong  One of the lasting legacies of the Chinese presence in the country is the large number of cemeteries that exists in the various towns and settlements where the Chinese were present. Despite of such negative perceptions, Chinese cemeteries in the country does have a lot to offer as a fond of knowledge and information on genealogical registry as well as a depository ofRead More