James Hoopes

James Hoopes is “Murata Professor of Ethics in Business” at Babson College.  The author of half a dozen other books on American history, Hoopes has received financial grants from the a number of important funding agencies in the United States. His paper, “Managing a Riot,” won the Paul Hersey Award for the best paper on leadership at the 2000 meeting of the Academy of Management. At present he is writing a book about what Asia can teach the world and, especially, the United States about moral leadership and business ethics. His latestRead More
  Research and work in all fields of psychology, that is, individual, social, corporate, organizational, educational, and other psychologies, as vast and as intricately complex as they may appear, we can approach from a multiplicity of methodological and epistemological perspectives. Any of these offers a starting point for increased conceptualizations of method and methodology in Psychology research. More so, the analysis of psychologies, which serve to connect the various strands and fields of psychology, exhibit and embody common themes and frameworks. Ego and identity, two constructs which intertwine methodologically and inRead More