Julie Faulkner

  Research and work in all fields of psychology, that is, individual, social, corporate, organizational, educational, and other psychologies, as vast and as intricately complex as they may appear, we can approach from a multiplicity of methodological and epistemological perspectives. Any of these offers a starting point for increased conceptualizations of method and methodology in Psychology research. More so, the analysis of psychologies, which serve to connect the various strands and fields of psychology, exhibit and embody common themes and frameworks. Ego and identity, two constructs which intertwine methodologically and inRead More

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Layering Ontology: Part 1

When we speak of Ontology, we speak of the nature of being. To ground discussions of Ontology, we would do well to set definitions; definitions which will be contested throughout the discussion. In classical, ancient, and Hellenistic Greek, the term for I am, the auxiliary verb, Είμαι (Ihmeh), the I in the state of becoming, that is, enacting rge self. This has transferred to the English be-ing, which suggests a continual process of developing the presence of self, be. This being then, predicated on the actions of oneself, must continually change, andRead More
Monash University’s innovative Aspirations project, addressing issues highly pertinent to Australian students’ education and employment potential, attempted  to open the door for expanded opportunities. Monash University’s Faculty of education, with principal researcher Senior Lecturer Julie Faulkner, collaborated with Hampton Park Secondary College to complete the project. The project has identified a dire need for students at early secondary school level to transform the journey from middle years to tertiary education in a low SES region through strategic creative collaboration. The Aspirations project invited students from Hampton Park Secondary College, a secondary school  in Victoria,Read More