Julie Janson

  Research and work in all fields of psychology, that is, individual, social, corporate, organizational, educational, and other psychologies, as vast and as intricately complex as they may appear, we can approach from a multiplicity of methodological and epistemological perspectives. Any of these offers a starting point for increased conceptualizations of method and methodology in Psychology research. More so, the analysis of psychologies, which serve to connect the various strands and fields of psychology, exhibit and embody common themes and frameworks. Ego and identity, two constructs which intertwine methodologically and inRead More
People such as Julie Janson, writer, playwright, cultural explorer, are vital to society in modernity. Her current work, “The Crocodile Hotel”, explores Aboriginal society in the remote north of Australia in an era prior to Aboriginal Land Rights. The life of Julie has been one of pursuing cultural expression, activity, and juncture. “I’ve always been interested in the intersections of culture, even from when I was a child, so a lot of my work has to do with where different cultures come together,” she informs. Julie has just completed her novel, TheRead More