Kiyoshi Kobayashi


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Asian economy in the world
Kyoto University, Japan

The integration of globally dispersed economic activities is transforming the structure of countries and regions worldwide. This integration along with the emerging of global networks of cities is a new phenomenon not seen before in the history of mankind. In order to understand the importance of infrastructure improvements in a world of intense competition between regions and cities, it is necessary to broadly extend the past views and deeply redefine and reconsider the role and function of infrastructure. Conscious of this situation, an analysis of the mechanisms for developing creativeRead More
Professor Kiyoshi Kobayashi represents the penultimate cross between the determinant and indeterminant sciences. Following a long career in engineering and applied hard sciences, Professor Kobayashi has moved to work in fields such as social capital, creativity, and logistical networks. Professor Kiyoshi Kobayashi received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Kyoto University in 1976, his M.Sc. from Kyoto University in 1978, and a PhD from Kyoto University in 1984. From 1978-1986, Professor Kobayashi was Research Associate in the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan. In 1987 he became Associate Professor atRead More