Lisa Graciano

The 4th Indonesian-American cross-cultural concert comprises an evening of traditional and modern music born of two cultures. The concert, this year on May 16, at Berkeley’s Art House Gallery, is an annual event. This year the concert will feature musicians Lisa Graciano, Midiyanto and Heni Savitri from Central Java, accompanied by their gamelan Gadhon ensemble. Heni Savitri is a leading Javanese singer, currently the vocalist for Gamelan Sari Raras at UC Berkeley. Midiyanto is a musician and shadow puppet master (dhalang), having taught and performed extensively in Java, the United States,Read More

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Lisa Graciano
– Indonesia/USA

Lisa Graciano, Balinese-born, Jakarta/Manila/Singapore-raised, and having lived in Amsterdam and now Oakland, California, is a transnational musician and artist, with a flair for new style world music. Her style incorporates funk, blues, folk, reggae, rock, pop, R&B, and, of course, Southeast Asian gamelan. Her work as a musician is very delocalized, yet employs local flavors. Two of her bands symbolize this. The Gracenotes, a very western stylized band, produce funk cross soul, while Purnamasari, of Southeast Asian styling, adhere to Gamelan-infused styles. Her musical styling then involves Gamelan, Krontjong, Chinese opera, Indian sitarRead More