Mohd Sharifudin Yusop

Dr Mohd Sharifudin Yusop is a senior lecturer at the Malay Language Department, Faculty of Modern Language and Communication, University Putra Malaysia. Dr. Syariffudin specializes in languages of minorities such as Orang Asli Languages, having conducted indepth and thorough studies on the languages of the Southern Aslian, namely the Kanaq and Duano tribe in the state of Johor. Findings indicate that although only 87 Kanaqs remain, speakers still employ the native language within society. But in the near future, probably less than 10 years time, due to vast development, theRead More
Dr. Mohd Sharifudin b. Yusop Senior lecturer Malay language and linguistics Department of Malay language Faculty of modern language and communication Universiti Putra Malaysia Dr. Mohd Sharifudin b. Yusop is Senior lecturer in Malay language and linguistics, at the Department of Malay language, Faculty of modern language and communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia. After completing a PhD in Anthropological linguistics, Prof. Sharifudin continued his academic pursuits at the Universiti Putra Malaysia so to develo ppathways to expose and to strengthen public knowledge of languages of the Malays, focusing more on indigenous groups. Dr. Sharifudin’s researchRead More