Nooraini Ibrahim

This inquiry has grounded a module on the reading of legal cases for  undergraduates, where a thesis was published as a monograph. The study has revealed strategies of both counsel and witnesses, suggesting phenomena such as that non verbal strategies seemed to be rather dominant in the courtroom.  Data from the study indicates that despite the courtroom being rather solemn and serious,  there were  instances of humor, which usually occur at the beginning  or towards the end of a proceeding. In 2010, the project observed proceedings in the Syariah courtRead More
The 1st Malaysian Association of Applied Linguistics (MAAL) – Singapore Association of Applied Linguistics (SAAL) Symposium, 2014 Advancing applied linguistics through problem oriented and inter/multi-disciplinary research 28th, November 2014 Auditorium, Research management and innovation complex, Universiti Malaya This symposium aims to provide a means for academics and professionals working in applied linguistics to establish and maintain contact with one another and with recent developments in the field of applied linguistics. It also aims to provide a platform for the sharing of ideas and to promote research on applied linguistics. Featured speakersRead More