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Politics in Socrates’ Alcibades

Politics in Socrates’ Alcibiades provides a political and philosophical account of Plato’s dialogue Politics Alcibiades major. In this book, the author argues that Socrates redirects Alcibiades political ambition to rule over the Athenian people by generalizing the notion of argument. Accordingly. instead of straightforwardly arguing for the truth of the claim that Alcibiades is not yet ready to rule wisely over the Athenian people of himself, Socrates attempts to modify and humble  Alcibiades’ ambition by appealing to his doxastic attitudes toward his natural abilities and knowledge to become a powerful ruler of the Greek people.Read More

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Perspective of self: Part 1

Our frame of reference of self can well influence our perspectives of others, and hence our attitudes and actions toward those others. The ways we position ourselves, and hence the ways in which we legitimate, and naturalize, our position, in relation to others, can prove quite complex. This positioning, in all its plurality, creates certain distances between ourselves and others. Hence, as we position ourselves from and to others, we distance those others, and ourselves from those others. Observing this proximity of others to ourselves, we also judge our own relative positions, and hence waysRead More