Yaakob Hashim

In the Wayang kulit, Southeast Asia’s puppet play culture, creators such as Professor Yaakob Hashim decorate the puppets and create characters for each one, including adornments and peripheral accessories. These decorations signify  information about cultural and social models. Traditionally, the dalang would go into a trance prior to performance, thus using different voices for each character. The audience and the performance are protected by incantations recited by the dalang prior to the start of the performance while spreading rice and placing a kris in front of the stage. Traditionally the wayangRead More
Indigenous Knowledge Professor Dato Dr Yaacob Malay cultural strength, grounded in indigenous knowledge, has continued since prehistoric eras. However, indigenous knowledge and expertise have currently faded and have been abandoned, due to factors both internal to and external from the Malaysian regions; emerging from colonization, westernization and modernization. Many factors currently impede these traditional approaches from having significant effect in modern society, and hence for modern requirements. These approaches have been positioned not to suit local social and physical environments, as they have been positioned to oppose current social structures, andRead More