Zainal Abd Latiff

CCISUM has begun production of its documentary series on Silat. The documentary series features footage from the Malaysian region; footage of Silat past and present. The practice of Silat requires, according to Prof. Zainal, the host, includes three main pillars: Silat itself, The series director, Dr. Michael Hadzantonis has suggested that “It’s time we awakened awareness globally of the extreme rich cultural heritage of the region. It’s almost as if Malaysia has become a forgotten place. And the commercial encroachment of other regions has begun to do cultural damage to the beautifulRead More
Malay Silat: How relevant is it in this modern age? Professor Zainal Abd Latiff Zainal Abd Latiff is Emeritus Professor of Theatre in the Performing Arts Department, at the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya. Presently, he holds a grant of RM42,000.00 under the program of Malay Identity and its manifestation in Malaysia and in the Nusantara Region (MALI). Professor Zainal’s work on Silat has been strongly pioneering. Silat, the Malay art of self-defense, is practiced in Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines. The form Champa Silat has existed and developed since theRead More