ISSN: 2205-0698
Publisher: Anthrologia

The journal Anthrologia is produced at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, and published in Adelaide, South Australia.

The journal Anthrologia aims to establish, and reinforce communication networks among soft science researchers, the larger public spheres, and other journal publications, globally. The publication represents a multi-media platform through which to expose the social research and other social work from academics and related sectors.

Anthrologia now networks academics and their work in 20 countries globally, with a distribution of 5 million viewers in those countries, and with over 500,000 subscribers. As such, Anthrologia represents the only multimedia publication, globally, to focus on networking the soft sciences. The publication also works across academic borders, and hence between academia and larger society, so to bridge scholarship and its pragmatic intentions.



The Anthrologia design comprises columns with respective focus.

Column 1 – Featured academics
Column 2 – Featured research
Column 3 – Featured cultural projects
Column 4 – Featured research methodology / Featured ontology
Column 5 – Featured academia in society
Column 6 – Conference and cultural events
Column 7 – Featured faculty
Column 8 – Featured lecture
Column 9 – Retrospect
Column 10 – Featured hot book / Featured hot paper
Column 11 – Featured employment / Featured scholarship / Featured grants

Editorial Board

Editor in chief

– Dr. Michael Hadzantonis


– Dr. Michael Hadzantonis
– Professor Azirah Hashim