Spiritual and Cultural Retreat
Various, India

Venue: Golden Temple, Amritsar, Delhi, India

Dates: 29 October – 10 November, 2016


India is a land of variety, a rainbow with so many different colors coming together in harmony. Come and be a part of this variety and discover this Eastern culture and various sub-cultures with its food, languages, lifestyles and co-existence of various religions.

When something touches us deep inside, we call it spiritual.

Be a part of this journey where we explore the country but also explore ourselves in the process. From the Old town of Delhi to the Holiest of Sikh Shrines, Golden Temple in Amritsar. Around 100’000 people, of all religions, castes and classes and countries are fed there everyday in the Langar (Community Kitchen). Be a part of the service to humanity by volunteering to work in one of the largest kitchen helping in serving meals.

Another major highlight of the journey is the visit and stay in the Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayan town of McLeod Ganj in Dharmsala, the exile residence of Dalai Lama.