Featured cultural event Academy of Malay Studies Festival 2014

Promoting the theme of Malay heritage passion or “Semarak Warisan Melayu”, the Academy of Malay Studies Festival 2014 began with its opening ceremony on May 19, 2014. With the concept of Negeri Sembilan’s customary heritage as its opening remark, there were various traditional performances performed, such as Perarakan Adat, Randai, Tarian Endang, and dan Sireh Adat. The ceremony was officiated by Ybhg Tan Sri Datuk Seri Utama Dr.Rais Yatim, the Socio-cultural advisor for the government of Malaysia, and was attended by YBhg Prof. Dr. Mohd Hamdi Abd. Shukor, Deputy Vice-chancellor (International and Academic), University of Malaya. About 400 people were present to celebrate the opening of FAPM’14.
The festival was held from May 19 2014 to May 23, 2014. Various exhibitions, activities, and sales were conducted throughout the festival. Among the exhibitions were a shadow puppet show, the Telepuk fabric display, as well as APM student work such as calligraphy and a replica of a mosque, a Silat show, and Telepuk fabric manufacturing and batik dyeing demonstrations.
In addition, the festival included events such as Management Event Management Culture and Arts, which assesses its students by their participation of the festival. Among the competitions organized by the students involved are Nyanyian Lagu Asli, Poem recitation, Patriotic song competition. Each competition received participants by the APM’s students, as well as from other faculties.
FAPM’2014 ended with a feast of ‘ala-ala kampung’ at which, all who attended wore sarong batik and kain pelekat so to deeply experience the village atmosphere. FAPM’14 achieved the stated objective of becoming the pioneer in highlighting some aspects of culture, the arts, and the heritages of the Malays.