The children in the program are quick to adapt, and many have been in the program for sometime, and many of them have developed a good grasp of the Malay language. They speak at home or with friends, and the medium of instruction is Malay and English. Some of the students who come have a bit of a probelm, btu in ternms of adappting to the school evnironermtn and learning, they are easy to adapt, and thats how it is. We work closely wit the rohingyan society of amlaysia, inRead More
In Yogyakarta, younger audiences and students encounter problems with substantiating of legitimizing the teaching of Javanese art using traditions methods. However, these same students have shown a strong affiliation for use of and teaching about street art. Subsequently, questions such as why do teachers maintain the importance of traditional and classical art arise. In Yogyakarta, many kinds of art exist; Traditional, classical, fine, academic, to name a few. Cultural and classical art are highly prominent in Yogyakarta. However, these arts are based on the culture of Yogyakarta, and hence become veryRead More
Deridda’s deconstruction builds on a number of philosophies. Hegelian ideas, as well as other traditional, possibly classical work on power and semiotics. The methodology, then, expounded by Jacques Derrida, yet misconstrued by many, I will begin to present here, in the hope of clarifying its framework. In (over)simplified form, the process of deconstruction requires a critical analysis of a text. However, this really constitutes a layman approach which can lack in academic strategy. A more exact approach to deconstruction of a text, we can describe in two stages. The first stage requires thatRead More
How do we know that experience and human perception and conception of experience are real or subjective? Who is to say that our experiences are subjective or objective? More so, how can we describe our experiences to others so that they know what we mean? (Husserl) Would our experience or the processing and interpretation of that experience become contingent on the type of person we have become, the state of awareness we have developed, or the situation we have positioned ourselves in? If experience is so contingent on factors, then,Read More

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Universiti Teknologi Mara Faculty of music
– Malaysia

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A TVET towards economy
– Malaysia

The Psychosis and schizophrenia in adults conference, on June 8, 2015, will focus on implementing the NICE Quality Standard in practice with sessions focusing on the eight quality statements, through expert sessions, updates from specialist committee members and case studies. Sessions will focus on the new quality standard, early intervention, preventing psychosis and treating people at risk, the use of antipsychotic medication and how to identify appropriate medications in a collaborative way, improving peoples experience of services, improving the physical health and reducing side effects which is a key nationalRead More
The School of English, at The University of Hong Kong, will host the conference ‘The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (de)standardization’, to be held between 3-6 June 2015. As a leading centre for research in Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis and Applied Linguistics, Hong Kong has been a regular meeting place for language and communication researchers for decades. The conference aims to continue this tradition by offering a platform for continued dialogue over current theoretical debates and for discussion of new data. Following on a decade from the ‘Language & Global Communication’Read More

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Academic disciplines
– United States

The Academic disciplines conference will be held on the Harvard campus, in Boston, between the 26th to the 30th of May, 2015. The 5-day conference, organized by the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, on the Harvard campus, gathers researchers from various disciplines. Spanning over 3 adjacent states, it showcases multidisciplinary research and the splendors of New England in summer. The IJAS Conference Series takes place annually in several cities across Europe and North America. The series has three primary aims. To provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countriesRead More

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New directions in the Humanities 13
– Canada

The New Directions in the Humanities 13 conference, to be held on June 1, 2015, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus, Canada, will focus on the theme From ‘Digital Humanities’ to a Humanities of the Digital. Virtual participation is available for those who are unable to attend the conference in person. Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas will also be considered. The conference will analyze this focus through an interdisciplinary lens, including keynote speakers, garden sessions, workshops, and of course parallel sessions: The ‘digital’ as a socialRead More