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– Grounded theory: Part 1

Grounded theory: Part 1 What is Grounded theory? Grounded theory is employed ubiquitously in Social research, where all research methodologies employ Grounded theory (or its elements) to some extent, but more so in inductive techniques. Despite that Grounded theory does not constitute only an inductive approach, and can be a deductive approach, at this stage I present that Grounded theory is employed when attempting to make sense of data, and hence to develop theory. Here, then, we surmise that every research project then attempts to make sense of data. In theRead More
Malay Silat: How relevant is it in this modern age? Professor Zainal Abd Latiff Zainal Abd Latiff is Emeritus Professor of Theatre in the Performing Arts Department, at the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya. Presently, he holds a grant of RM42,000.00 under the program of Malay Identity and its manifestation in Malaysia and in the Nusantara Region (MALI). Professor Zainal’s work on Silat has been strongly pioneering. Silat, the Malay art of self-defense, is practiced in Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines. The form Champa Silat has existed and developed since theRead More
Attribution resulting in miscommunication between Malaysian employers and Filipino domestic helpers (PI) Francisco Perlas Dumanig Professor Dr. Maya Khemlani David Dr. Hanafi Hussin Dr. Rodney Jubilado Communication breakdown is inevitable, particularly in intercultural communication, since speakers from different cultures do not develop identical communicative competences. Consequently, interactions among people who do not have the same communicative competences may result in miscommunication. This phenomenon occurs in the Southeast Asian region in various contexts. For instance, people from Southeast Asian countries, particularly the Philippines, reside in Malaysia for employment purposes. With littleRead More
Psychosocial safety climate, emotional demands,burnout and depression: A longitudinal multilevel study in the Malaysian private sector Dr. Mohd Awang B Idris Maureen F Dollard Yulita This multilevel longitudinal study investigates a newly identified climate construct, psychosocial safety climate (PSC), as a precursor to job characteristics (e.g. emotional demands), and psychological outcomes (i.e., emotional exhaustion and depression). We argued that PSC, as an organizational climate construct has cross-level effects on individually perceived job design and psychological outcomes. We hypothesized a mediation process between PSC and emotional exhaustion particularly through emotional demands.Read More
Sustainable Consumption Production:Government Green Procurement Datuk Dr. Norma Mansor  Malaysia is currently undergoing a process of fundamental reform and its transformation is spearheaded by the New Economic Model (NEM), the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), the 10th Malaysian Plan (10MP), etc. The policies and strategies underlying these plans include efforts to promote sustainable development. This reform process is timely and underscores the perfect opportunity to pro-actively mainstream and direct policies to bring about a “switch” to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) patterns. In this respect, theRead More
Contemporary Islam in Theory and Practice with Special Reference to Science and Law Prof. Dr. Mohd Hazim This research program is based on the premise that contemporary Islam is engaged in facing the challenges of modernity at several fronts, namely the epistemological, scientific, political, economic, cultural, and legal domains. We will focus our attention on only the epistemological, scientific, and legal domains in this study. We will begin by looking at the historical background involving science in Islamic civilisation (Sub-Program 1) in order to throw light on Islamic attitudes andRead More
Unemployment of University Graduates in Malaysia and Other Developing Countries: Solution – Holistic Student Development An international Research project including Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Maya Khemlani David Research Group: Dr. Francisco Perlas Dumanig Dr. Neda Saeipoor Mr. Syed Abdul Manan (PhD candidate)   Summary As soft skills are required by employers and are apparently being taught in universities, the research objective was to determine the perception of undergraduates of the soft skills programmes in 25 universities in Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines. A questionnaire wasRead More